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lime Music Interview: Elizabeth Troy

Lime interview - Music

Elizabeth Troy

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

One of the hottest properties in British urban music today...

Known for having one of the most distinguishable voices in modern music, Elisabeth Troy has had an electrifying career since starting out in Jungle and Hardcore in the early nineties. More recently she is fast becoming a pioneering force to be reckoned with on the underground and mainstream dance music scene. When asked “What has been your biggest achievement to date?” She replied “I believe it's yet to come.”

Tell us about the beginning of your career in music and about when you started out in Jungle and Hardcore in the early nineties.


I started out on a label called S.O.U.R. By chance my sister and I met the guys who started it in a pub and we got talking about music and singing etc. They invited me to their studio to do some recording and we got along great so they signed me. It was as straightforward as that. My first release was a Hardcore tune 'Blow Out Part II' with the producer T Power, who later went on to team up with Shy FX for the D&B smash 'Shake Your Body'. I was just happy to be singing on tunes that essentially I was raving to at the time and I could get all my mates into the clubs for free! I then teamed up with Soundman to do 'Greater Love" which was our breakthrough tune from the underground to the national charts. It was a great time for the scene as General Levy was Number one and my label mates, Shy FX, MC Det et all were smashing it too.


Who are some of the people you have enjoyed working with in the music business?


I loved working with MJ Cole. He is a great producer and we just vibed naturally and it was never really an effort. 


Also my very first world tour with the band Incognito was a real baptism of fire. I also worked with Fish of the old rock band Marillion, which was totally different from anything I'd done before. 


More recently you featured on Digital Soundboy’s leading lady B.Traits first single, how was that experience for you? 


In a word, great! Bri (B Traits) is a very talented woman with her head screwed on, and it's very refreshing to work with a female Producer. We had a lot of fun shooting the video for "Fever" - she did my hair and I did her make-up and whenever we do gigs together it's the same, a lot of laughs. It was also a pleasure to be back in the studio with Shy FX.


What’s the driving force behind your singing career? 


My love for music and performing. I love touring - its the best part for me. I love the fact that you get paid to see the world and every day is different.


What has been your biggest achievement to date? 

I believe it's yet to come.


What does the rest of 2013 hold for you? 


For starters, I have a new single coming out very soon called 'Real Good' on 3Beat Records, which I have a good feeling about it.


What advice would you give to someone who wants success in the music business and what makes a singer stand out? 


Well that's a hard question to answer because everyone is unique. I guess the best thing would be to embrace your uniqueness, and don't try to be anyone else or anything you're not. 


Tell us something we don’t know about you?


I design and make Jewellery for my own company, FutureBitch.  


Describe yourself in one word?





What’s so fabulous about being a woman? 


Absolutely everything!

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