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lime Music Interview: EJ we want you to Sing Sing.

Lime interview - Music

EJ we want you to Sing Sing.

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Edwina Johnson aka EJ is the Swedish born singer who has managed to storm the UK scene with absolutely no promotional work.

Her first single Mama I’m Gonna Sing (which was remixed by the dj of djs, Pete Tong) borrows from deep blues, has a toe in country music whilst still being a definitely contemporary track-it would get even an elderly man with arthritis and two left feet up and dancing.


Radio and U-tube was consequently hooked purely on the strength of the brilliant single-a brave move whichever way you look at it. While the UK is only staring to get acquainted with this likeable and rather gorgeous singer LA and Atlanta are already aware with EJ being signed on a development deal to write songs. 


With a definite hand in all that she wants to become EJ’s second single Bangers and Mash (which has already gained airplay on 1xtra amongst others) again showcases EJ’s brilliant voice which belies her tender years and suggests a person that has seen or experienced more than most of her age. 


Catching her after a busy day she lets me know that plans are afoot for her continued onslaught on the UK scene but she cannot let me know too much but no worries on that front she was a joy to talk to-someone I could definitely Lime with.


What have you been doing today?


Nothing much I am organising-well involved in something that is just about to happen with a lot of really cool people so it is exciting.


Wait a minute what’s with all the Iluminati secrecy-expand!


I can’t say anything but they all want to do it but I cannot even a give clue so sorry [sighs]


Your father is Cuban he must have had an effect on you musically?


He had a BIG effect on my music-in terms of Cuban music it is very guitar based but also in Cuba we either go into very Afro or very Latin music and so you can get very native afro beats or Latin with that guitar vibe coming through. 


Did your family push musicality?


Not necessarily push but growing up, music was a way of expressing yourself and if you were not good at it people would get angry because it was like dis-respecting music-it’s like if  you are going to get up there and perform then you better be good!


I understand you play instruments.


I do play instruments I play the guitar and the piano and I am self-taught-my parents really encouraged me at a very young age. I have chosen not to play as yet because it sometimes better to let people concentrate on one thing at a time and so with this album and the first single that came out it was very much about concentrating on me from a vocal perspective.


So let’s get onto now, would it be fair to say that you have burst onto the scene from literally no-where?


Well I have been doing music for such a long time but it was just one of those things where I was just involved with a lot of people who believed in my art and they have just allowed me to do that without me having to do anything else and until they felt that I was ready to go out and basically meet people and introduce myself and my music.


Why is it only now that you are coming to the fore?


Everything just falls together I just have people around me that I feel that they are the right people to help me to get to where I want to be and you just trust people to put things in place. The other thing is I worked such a long time on this album and that was the main thing that took most of the time I wanted the album to be a true reflection of my influences and me.


Lastly how will you insure that music does not make you a victim as it can sometimes do?


Within music it is one of those businesses where you see a lot of things really quickly and you need to have grounding to take things in your stride. I am very much aware of what is going around me and I keep grounded through family and friends. 


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