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lime Music Interview: EBRU Is MAD for music

Lime interview - Music

EBRU Is MAD for music

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

EBRU brings a big band sound into the commercial world.

EBRU the London based singer of Turkish descent brings a voice that has that Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston emotional intensity with a sound that can be best described as harking back to that Etta James, Frank Sinatra type of sound.

Her current single MAD traverses contemporary music featuring the lyrical dexterity of the urban behemoth Durrty Goodz and retro with that big band sound where EBRU can set things alight with her powerful vocals. 

Lime spoke to EBRU about her continued success as an artist. 

Let’s first talk about your new single MAD, how did the collaboration occur with Goodz because you are polar opposites?

I love Goodz he is so talented but you are right, we are so different. Marshal knows him quite well and he knew his ability and so he decided to get us together. It was an interesting and unexpected collaboration where the old and the new or more contemporary mixed together.

What about your video for the single?

When we did the video Goodz was such a natural it was funny. There is a bit in the video where I grip him up and I got so into character that I really roughed him up but we were all laughing-I really liked it and I would definitely work with Goodz again.

So the subject matter for the single…….

I was in a relationship for a long time and the person was playing about but I was not sure until I really caught him. In those situations you keep saying to that person that if they don’t sort themselves out you will leave but you say it so much that they start to think it will not happen but eventually I did bounce and I did not look back and that is what the song is about really.

So going back, why music?

I have always been singing my whole life my mum said that before I could even talk I was singing melodies. I listened to a lot of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Spice Girls. I would come back from school and go straight up to my room pick up a hairbrush and put on say Mariah Carey and properly act out like I was her.

So who else influenced you?

Well as I got older I started to listen to Etta James, Nina Simone the more old school people. When I heard Etta James I thought 'my gosh' she was able to transmit so much emotion in her voice. That has stuck with me and that is what I want to make people feel the emotion in the song that I am singing.

You have a really strong bond with your producer Anthony Marshall who is a successful person in his own right?

Marshall is amazing we have built a really close relationship to the point he might vocal something and I cannot tell if it is him or me singing. He has basically mentored me, produced for me he is like everything that I could ask for and when someone has invested seven and half years in you without necessarily seeing a return then it is really powerful.

What about the connection with Rod Temperton that is HUGE!

Someone I know knows him personally and so we went around his house which was amazing I was trying to stop myself from screaming I saw all of his plaques with Michael Jackson but he was so chilled out-what was great is he loved what we were doing and he supports us!

That retro sound that you do can work but what are your thoughts on it working in today’s musical climate?

I do think in one way that my style might make it difficult for people to accept what I am doing but look at Amy Winehouse her first album only did well because of her second album but if she did not push she would not have made the way for artists like Adele and Duffy -you have to have a ‘won’t take no for an answer’ attitude to survive.



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