De La Soul remain a big draw from the hip-hop world  " />
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lime Music Interview: De La Soul. No this is First Served

Lime interview - Music

De La Soul. No this is First Served

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De La Soul remain a big draw from the hip-hop world 

And their debut album 3 Feet Rising (1989) introduced their unique style and set the benchmark for their later projects..


Throughout their careers spanning seven albums, the trio have always been noted for their maverick nuances and propensity for adopting different aka’s throughout that time. So it comes as no surprise that two members of the group have acquired their younger alter egos; Deen D Whitter (Vincent Mason aka Maseo) and Jacob ‘Pop’ Life (Kelvin Mercer aka Posdonous). They are the figures in a concept album called First Served made with the masterful abilities of past DMC champions Chokolate and Khalid.


In a brilliant little café where they serve the meanest cocktails Deen D Whittier and Jacob ‘Pop’ Life indeed came to life in all their apparent youthful glory and you know what, it was only once where Maseo and Posdnuos (albeit accidentally) appeared before they retreated and let their alter egos take over.


So Deen, who came up with the concept and when was it conceived? 

Deen ‘D’ Whittier: It was conceived when we realised we had a connection. It was one of those things where me and Pop were together since we were young and we used to just rhyme and chill with each other. We accidentally stumbled into Chokalate and Khalid and we all started listening to music and we realised that we could work together and form a team.

That’s a long stumble from Queens to France was it on the Channel Tunnel or something?

Deen ‘D’ Whittier: We had the opportunity to go abroad and meet some people we had connections with and we did some shows and we happened to be walking down the street free-styling and these two dudes approached and introduced themselves as producers.


Is there any room for that old skool flavour which seems to be prevalent on First Served in this day?

Jacob ‘Pop’ Life: I think as long as we are bringing something a little different then it’s cool. We are not trying to make a new wheel we are just trying to bring a wheel with better traction.


Deen ‘D’ Whittier: The thing is we respect people like Fabolous, Drake and all those other folks but what we do is what we do.


Actually Common has been beefing with Drake and people are saying he is just "hating" because he is old, what would De La Soul say do you think?

Deen ‘D’ Whittier: Drake is an artist doing what he does. People might have said that De La Soul sold out when they first came with 3 Feet and Rising (1989). You have to respect whether it is a Drake or Soulja Boy. If De La Soul had listened to what people thought was hot there would never have been De La Soul.


Would you say First Served caters more to old fans or is better suited to a new crowd? Or does it include something for everyone?

Jacob ‘Pop’ Life: It is for anyone that loves good music. It could be a person who loved original hip-hop to people that love jazz or rock. It is heavy lyrics over heavy music.


Deen ‘D’ Whittier: The thing with the First Serve hip-hop is it does not lend to a particularly genre. It involves two spirits, beats and rhymes and that is what it is.


The notes say that First Served is the soundtrack to a film that is yet to be written. Give me the synopsis of First Served the movie.

Deen ‘D’ Whittier: Young dudes who aspire to be the biggest thing in hip-hop through their exploration of music and culture but in time they come to realise that success comes with a lot of prices to pay and sometimes the price can be at the price of friends and family.


So what’s the difference between success and having a heaving bank balance?

Jacob: Well you can be successful and broke as s’@t! There are a lot of drug dealers around our way who nobody knows but they have way more than us so we just trying to make First Serve a massive movement.


And lastly what do you know about when De La Soul might make a comeback?

Deen ‘D’ Whittier: Who knows but I heard they might have an album but De La Soul are always going to be around.


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