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lime Music Interview: Charlie Brown

Lime interview - Music

Charlie Brown

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Charlie selling addictive music!

In this issue of Lime there is a small thread of a theme running through in terms of how artists eventually achieve their dreams.


Charlie Brown as the new UK sensation shows that other side of the music journey where a single minded trajectory towards success, a fragile but nevertheless resolute determination in ones talent and of course patience are the ingredients for that elusive success.

Charlie in many respects is not new to this music business having worked with names like Fraser T (behind Adele’s HUGE album), Keith Sweat (a 90’s god), Wiley and Jay Sean are just a few of the names that he can reel off.

Success has eluded him through a long journey that has seen him on the brink of giving up but in only a few months he has signed a deal with Universal and his first single Dependency  a RnB banger is due to be unleashed.

At Universal studios Lime got talking to the guy that just may be finally realising his dream.

RnB seems to be a major part of your music al history but what was your musical history?

I did not grow up in a musical household as such no one was in a band or anything but my dad was really into Motown Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye so I guess from a young age it was there. So when I was old enough to buy my own music I got into the 90’s RnB era. When SWV first came out I was obsessed.  I think I was saying to someone earlier that I had to buy three copies of SWV It’s About Time because I played it so many times that each cd I bought just eventually stopped playing. 

What about Keith Sweat you must have been feeling him?

Definitely and funny enough I actually met Keith Sweat in 2007. I was out in Atlanta writing with a guy called Fitzgerald Scott who wrote all of Keith Sweat’s hits back in the day and so he just decided to take me to Keith’s house un-announced but he was completely cool.

You have had your fair share of ups and downs what was the lowest point for you?

Probably the lowest point was a couple of years I was out in LA and I had basically moved there and I was writing with a couple of producers and it really looked like I might get signed to a particularly US label. Then due to bad management things did not turn into anything and I ended up coming back to London in 2010. I think that was the closes that I came to being broken and just thinking that this music career was just never going to lift off for me.

How close were you to giving up?

Very! I think that if anyone says that I have never thought about giving up I think it is a lie because if you have been through a rollercoaster then I cannot see how it would not cross your mind or at times knock your spirits. It was not a question of how much I wanted this thing it was a question of how many more times could I keep having my spirit broken to come back again? 

How did you get that energy for music back?

I just took time out and stayed away from the studio I was getting calls from my publisher to do stuff and I just did not want to go in because I knew I was not going to be a good person to be around at that time-not for long just for a month or two and it was during this time actually I soul searched and came with the energy to go for it again!

Why is it now that success is beckoning for you?

I do not know why it is happening the way it is. I mean Fraser T I worked with years before all the Adele stuff and I am getting back with him in the new year but I know this is a cliché and maybe it is a cliché because it is true but I think things honestly do happen at the right time. I can honestly say that there has never been a time in my career until now that I can stand behind a body of work and be confident to say this is me!

So give the meat on the bones about your first single Dependency.

I wrote it with this production team called Nexus  and it was the first day we met and they must have thought I was the most miserable guy ever because I did not see then for ages after that. What happened is that on that day before studio I had literally been on the phone calling this girl like ten times. 

You were in a relationship.

Yes but she could not forget about her ex and so I was the other guy. I remember thinking that getting this person to come off their ex is literally like getting someone off heroin you are losing this and you will not win this battle and that is where the title dependency came-the person is addicted to this person.

And what about the album of course what can we expect?

I know there is some stuff scheduled with Fraser T next year I am really looking forward to get into the studio with him also Red One and there is a guy in America I know called Wayne Rodriguez that I have a brilliant writing relationship with so it is going to be excited.

HOT IN 2013

And the new year will bring.....

The new album will be dropping in spring but I am excited because there are so many opportunities that are open to me and I love not knowing what is going to be happening for me next year-it’s great!


Twitter: @CharlieBrownLDN

Website: www.charliebrownldn.com

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