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lime Music Interview: Cedella Marley-Gold

Lime interview - Music

Cedella Marley-Gold

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

The name Marley is intrinsically linked to music, Jamaica and indeed a movement of people.

While Bob Marley is the genesis of the power that this name carries, it is his children that have continued this rich history of the name Marley. 


Cedella Marley like her other well-known siblings carries the beautiful burden of the name Marley.  Evidently a lady that does not understand the meaning of boundaries she oscillates with ease between singing, acting, writing, and a savvy entrepreneurial mind which manages to keep the business side of the Bob Marley legacy alive. 


Luckily she was able to spare a few moments outside of her ever increasing schedule to chat with Lime about her role as a designer, and of course being a mother of three children!


Before we get onto fashion you have a career as a singer, the influence I assume is your father but why did you decide to get into music?


Music was a natural progression. Our father wrote our first two singles when we were Melody Makers but he actually really wanted me to be a doctor or a Lawyer.


What inspired you into fashion?


My mum and dad both played a critical role in my love of fashion. My father’s style was simple but powerful and my mum’s style remains true to our roots. She loves fabrics that are full of colour and print but still maintains a very feminine shape.


Explain the genesis of your fashion line?


I have had a passion all my life. My Great Aunt was a seamstress and she nurtured my love but getting into fashion occurred purely by accident. Touring with my brothers and sisters as Ziggy and the Melody Makers, I wanted us to stand out so I started to de-construct different items to make us have a clear visual identity- I think the style could be best described as Bohemian Rastafarianism.


Of course I have to ask about designing the Jamaican Olympic team kit how did this all come about?


I remember talking to PUMA’s CEO, Jochen Zeitz when he was in Jamaica last year and I said, “Yo! nice talking to you Mr. PUMA, I can’t believe you haven’t done anything with the Marleys yet.”  And he said, “Well everything has its time.”  So when PUMA approached me to design the Olympic wear I didn’t believe it so I am just blessed to be a part of the rich history that we made in this year’s Olympics. 


What challenges did you face when designing the line?


I challenged myself more than anything but I really did enjoy doing this in all aspects. What was great is that PUMA gave me complete creative freedom to design and work.


Of course Usain Bolt is the main draw it must have been amazing to meet the man that everyone is talking about?


I don’t know Usain very well but he is a great talented athlete that we are very proud to have represent Jamaica and he is sure to go on to many other great things.

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