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lime Music Interview: Byron

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Byron-‘Don’t Hate Work Harder

Byron Chadwick is the Slough emcee who brings tight rapid fire bars, complex yet catchy word play held together by a wish to say something more than lines of self-aggrandisements. 


Having worked with some of the names that are blowing up right now-think Emelie Sande- Byron (his actual stage name) has built a following that has garnered him comparisons to a legend of the UK scene, Mike Skinner. His mix-tape Deep Lyrics, Dirty Beats soon to go into its third instalment is a Ronseal moment because it does exactly what it states on the tin. 


Firstly you have avoided a stage name/moniker why?


I try to go against the grain in a lot of the things I do and not just for the sake of it. That is why I did not want some stylised name- also (and it might be a cliché) but hip-hop music is very true to me-some people have some crazy alter ego but I just want to be me.


Does it seem ironic that using your real name has made you stand out more?


Definitely it is ironic and speaking of ironic the whole me being from Slough thing is interesting because when I first started out really people were “like why you doing rap you from Slough?” Now that has provided me with something different in this saturated market.


A hard question but what else do you think distinguishes you in the saturated male emcee game?


I believe what people are doing whether it is with similes and metaphors-it is generally talking about being cool. I come from a completely different perspective. I am not saying that I am the best emcee I am just asking people to listen to my music and then they can come to their own opinion.


It must difficult in this saturated male emcee market?


The cream will rise to the top-I consider my contemporaries like Wretch, Devlin, Ghetts these are the people that are doing it and I respect them. In each and every step I take I am different.


You were a teacher before.


I used to work in private education for three and half years, I worked as a youth worker and I used to kids English and Maths after school but then my music career took off and it fell to the side. 


There is a third instalment of your successful mix-tape Deep Lyrics, Dirty Beats?


Yes definitely and I have one track with Ghetts and Dot Rotten which I earmarked for them months ago but obviously it can be difficult to get people together and there is another track which I am going to keep secret which is not as big feature wise but it has a lot of grime people featured on there because I wanted to show my talent in that area.


And why three instalments?


Initially I was going to release it as one mix-tape but I just find that people find it difficult to absorb a lot of music these days and so I just thought if I release it this way it will be easier for people.


Lastly why did you choose that name for the mix-tape which is due out later this year?


The mix-tape is me and whatever happens in my music career this is me-I am talking about issues that matter and apart from that, I love those beats that make you want to screw your face up (he laughs).


What would be three words that you would give as advice for those wanting to break into the industry?


Passion, talent and patience.

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