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lime Music Interview: An interview with Bernard Kordieh

Lime interview - Music

An interview with Bernard Kordieh

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Black history Month returns once again and while a history should be never forgotten a concerted reminder to remember cannot be bad. 

BHM is about bringing that history in entertaining, educational and thought provoking ways and Bernard Kordieh director of 4FrontTV is one of the fore runners in bringing BHM to people.

Last year Bernard Kordieh filmed a successful month long series called ‘Is It Because I Iz a Poet’ where poets were filmed and asked to give their interpretation of BHM. This year Bernard returns with the enigmatic Is It Because I Iz a Poet, bringing a host of talented lyrically geniuses to bring BHM in all its profound, inspiring and informative guises. 

This is your second year filming for the BHM-what are your plans for this year?

Pretty much the same as last year - creating a platform for some of London’s most prolific lyricists to spit some truth. Last year raised a few eyebrows is terms of subject matter. One of the broadcasters even refused to air a video. Poetry is a subjective art form. This series is all about freedom of speech so when you mix it up with black history it can get a little bit emotional.


What are the challenges in what you are doing?

BHM is a celebration of black history and black culture but in my experience this is not always the way it is viewed by non African/Afro Caribbean people. They can sometimes feel excluded. I believe although it is culturally significant to black people, BHM is a shared history, a history we can all learn from. That is why the line up this year is even more diverse than the previous.


It is difficult conveying BHM to a varied audience?


It is one of the biggest challenges for a project like this to be received by everyone in the way it is intended to, which is to educate, to celebrate, to pose questions and to inspire. What you’re going to hear is not likely to be all rosy but like they say, in order to move forward you have to look back.


What was the most memorable part of the last BHM?


I received a lot positive feedback from all around the world. This year’s official Media partner is VOX Africa. The series will be broadcast in the UK, Europe and Africa. This year it will be broadcast online (4fronttv.com and manorlogz.co.uk) and on VOX Africa SKY 218 everyday throughout the month of October.


Do you think that BHM receives enough publicity in the bigger media outlets

or could more be done?

Of course more can be done. I think it all begins at home though. We can’t expect the mainstream to educate us. We need to educate ourselves and our peers. We also need to want to be educated.


As a black director what challenges have you faced on your way up?


The film & television industry is a tough nut to crack regardless of race. To be a successful director you need to adopt a very inclusive approach to your work that transcends race and gender. The only challenges I have faced have been the ones I have imposed on myself.


Is the world of media still a difficult place for ethnic minorities per se?

Yes, mainly because we do not support each other enough. There is a lot of talent out there but not enough productive collaboration. There is also a lot of gate keeping. This means we have to work together to build our own castles and open our own gates.


Finish the sentence-BHM is...

A time to reflect and progress.

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