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lime Music Interview: 99 Problems not Rita Ora

Lime interview - Music

99 Problems not Rita Ora

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Rita Ora on her love of music and being signed to Roc Nation.

Nowadays artists can go from wannabes to stars in the blink of an eye but even by those rapid standards, Rita Ora’s rise has been amazing. Her feature on DJ Fresh’s ‘Hot Right Now’ has been banging down the doors of commercial radio and her next release, ‘RIP’ features Tinie Tempah and is catchy like bird flu. Now signed to Jigga’s Roc Nation she counts Jigga and Drake as friends and has acquired a celebrity boyfriend in the shape of Rob Kardashian.

While she is undoubtedly going to become regular of the gossip columns due to her high profile lifestyle it must never be forgotten that she is a great singer-proof was an accappella performance of her forth coming single RIP during the interview-totally brilliant.

Evidently fun loving and charismatic, Lime got some time with the UK sensation.


How are you Rita what has your week been like?

My week has been crazy I was at the studio all night by myself I was in my zone and I was on the piano and I came up with something and then I found out it was ten and I needed to come for the interviews!


Firstly I wanted to ask about family and if they helped shape your wish to be a singer.

No one in my family is into music they like music they are fans of music but I think it came from my father’s collection of cd I just used to listen to them he used to have a big collection of artists from BB King to Eric Clapton to Bon Jovi and when I listened to this music it just gave me a good feeling.


Were they happy that their daughter was pursuing such an un-predictable career?

My family just wanted me to be happy and so they saw that music made me happy so they were with it but they just did not know what to expect they had to pay for the tuition for Sylvia Young –I never realised how hard my parents worked until I left and that is when I realised that my mum worked really hard every term to pay my fees it was like two or three thousand pounds a term and that was something she did for FIVE years!


How did attending Sylvia Young help?

Sylvia Young is such a great school and it is a room full of talented people and all with the same dream It is a place where there is healthy competition -it’s not like Fame-it is a theatre school but it is just really good at specialising on your talent-the teachers focused on what you were good at so for me they knew I was a singer and they helped me to push that.


You auditioned for the Eurovision but you backed out why?

I just said I am a singer, a writer and true artists and one day if it is worth it-if I am worth it someone will notice and I just had to take that mind-set because I just felt that the path of the Eurovision was not going to lead me to where I wanted to go. I am not knocking the Eurovision because I am from Kosovo and we just got our independence and so we have finally got our own song but personally it was not for me.


And how did the Roc Nation end up knocking on your door?

It happened when an A&R from London who knew me from a while back and she saw me at a show on Camden and she asked me what I was up to which was just writing really and she told me to come to her office tomorrow and I took my demos just in case. She had called up a guy that works with Jay Z and she said we have this girl that I think you will be really interested you should check her out-they liked me and was called out to New York where it all started and I was eventually signed to Roc Nation.


Lastly what has the experience been like with Roc Nation so far?

You know what getting signed to Roc Nation is like one of those things where your dream just turned into reality

I am very lucky to have a label that believed what they signed-they never told me to be anything other than the person they discovered which was Rita the singer. They told me to take as long as I wanted to find myself and I think I have found myself.



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