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Lime interview - Exhibitions


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Adelaide Damoah

Reporter: Adelaide Damoah
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Is Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf the next big thing?


Rebecca, how long have you been a professional artist? 

I have been selling work since my degree show which was in 2004. I worked in a gallery for a year and then after that, I really started doing it professionally and full time as well 

What are your secrets to success? 

I would say I just threw myself in at the deep end I think. I worked at this gallery for a year and I was just basically working on a till and it made me miserable. I had my studio, but I didn’t have the time or energy after work to go to the studio and somebody told me about doing promotional work, which is sort of like giving out leaflets and samples and doing bits and bobs and you can do that as and when you please, you know, when you need it and it pays quite well and I just thought well I am going to try it. I’m going to do it. 

I’m gonna stop working and do these odd jobs here and there so that I can just concentrate on my work and do it and I think that was it, just saying yes, I am committing to it. I want this, so I’m just gonna do it, give it a go.


Was there anything else in addition to that? It’s one thing making the decision that your going to go ahead and make a commitment to doing art full time, but were there any other specific things that you did that you feel kind of catapulted you to the point where you started to actually sell work and attract dealers?


Just getting myself out there really. I think just doing art fairs, just being online, seeing what opportunities are out there, exhibiting stuff in pubs and just sort of bit by bit starting to show work and get it out there. I think that’s all it was really and then from each thing something else comes. My mother is an artist which sort of helps as well but she works a lot more on commission, she’s a portrait painter primarily, so although she is an artist, her path is quite different than my path. So although I could get support and some advice from her, I still had to figure it out for myself.

What about long term goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?


I can say where I hope to see myself and it’s about having a permanent gallery space and being represented by one gallery exclusively and yes, just having that. Having solo shows with them and group shows with them. Not just in terms of status, but also, sometimes it gets really complicated when you’ve got work in different places and your working with different people. 

It would also be nice to have somebody else who deals with all the business side of things and to be in a place where I can just focus purely on painting, purely on work and have somebody else do all the other stuff. That’s ideally where I would want to be in five years time.

And your ultimate dream for success?

Ultimate dream would be I think what every artist wants which is to be able to create something lasting, something that has a lasting impact on people that will be remembered for years to come past your lifetime and will sort of play a big part in art history. 


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