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lime Events & Activities Interview: Denise Mahmud

Lime interview - Events & Activities

Denise Mahmud

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Sophia Jackson

Reporter: Sophia Jackson

We caught up with Mosaic founder Denise Mahmud to find out more about her African Diaspora lifestyle event which is taking place this month at the Africa Centre

Mosaic is a new home and lifestyle event showcasing the best of established and emerging local and international African, African-Caribbean and African Diaspora businesses. Mosaic was set up by Native New Yorker Denise Mahmud.


Mosaic 2011 was due to be held in October originally. Why did you change the date?

A lot of exhibitors were asking for it to be nearer to Christmas.

What is the concept behind Mosaic?

To promote African and Caribbean and SME businesses that may not have funds to do existing shows in London.

How has the journey been so far?

It’s been very good but as it’s a new event with the economic climate it was scary. What makes us different is that we’ll help promote exhibitors throughout the year until the next show. Prices start from £175 to 500 for larger spaces which is reasonable in comparison to other more mainstream events.

What is your background and why does an event of this nature interest you?

I’m a fashion designer originally and my company Moixa has shown internationally since 2007. I was going to all these shows and I noticed that African descent companies were not there out of 400 companies. I studied political science and finance and did market research for five years so I have a strong business background. I want it to be an annual event and grow into different sections.

Tell us about some of the exhibitors featured in this year’s Mosaic.

We have a fantastic artist called Trevor Jarvis, his work ranges from digital printing to oil paints and it’s quite interesting. Some of his inspiration came from his visits to Ghana. We also have VDelicious who make egg free and dairy free cupcakes. There’s also Kizala, a shop in Croydon who were one of the first shops in England to sell multicultural gifts and cards.

Denise Mahmud is also behind fashion label Moixa

How will visitors be entertained?

On Sunday we have Randolph Matthews who is a singer and musician – his music is really… You have to see to understand, I can’t compare him to anyone in the world. We also have catwalks and entertainers on both days.

What have been the difficulties in putting on the event?

It’s hard to say; there was a point when I thought what was I thinking but now I’m excited to start planning for the next one. It’s all quite hard but I’m starting to feel it’s worth it.

Why should people attend?

It’s a great opportunity for people to see these businesses and discover their originality and creativity; African culture has really influenced global culture and it’s good to see it in a different light from a flea market.

Why did you chose the Africa Centre as the venue?

It’s such an iconic place and it was always meant to promote these types of people.

When was the last time you did something for your community?

All the time – I take in a lot of students and always donate some of my fashion items to charity for auction and I do that done two or three times a year.

Info: Mosaic 2011 takes place Saturday 5th November 10am -7pm and Sunday 6th November 11am – 6pm |

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