Guvna B has wisdom and knowledge beyond his years, a boundless musical talent and a burning desire to relevantly equip the nation with the word of God.   " />
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lime Community & Support Interview: Guvna B

Lime interview - Community & Support

Guvna B

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

Guvna B has wisdom and knowledge beyond his years, a boundless musical talent and a burning desire to relevantly equip the nation with the word of God.


Guvna (God’s Unique Vessel Now Assigned) is one Christian performing artist who creates influential and inspiring music. His artistry is consistently at the cutting edge of what will be the future for Gospel music. At age18, he appeared on the 2007 MOBO Award winners 'G Forces' album. He has also shared the stage with Grammy nominated and award winning American artists 'Da T.R.U.T.H' & 'LeCrae'. Drawing inspiration from observations made living in and around the gritty and fast-pace streets of London; Guvna B has headlined at the Jazz Cafe and supported the likes of Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton, Tim Hughes and Hillsong in concert.


In this interview Lime Magazine talks to Guvna B about his music of profound faith and religious understanding, his impressive achievements and the new projects he’s working on this year.


How did your mission in music begin?


I started rapping in the playground at school. I always used to win the rap battles and that's where I built up my reputation. When I became a Christian, I decided to change the content of my raps. From then I started recording music of faith and positivity. 


You have an impressive list of achievements, what is the driving force behind your musical talent?


I just aim to make an impact on my generation. I want to see people have ambition, faith, drive, and work ethic. Those are the messages I convey in music. The passion for those things drive me to work hard and I guess the achievements come off the back of that. 


You have occupied the number one slot on MySpace charts for Gospel & Christian rap for the most part of the last few years, how does that make you feel?

Stuff like that doesn't really sink in the way it should I think. I feel proud and it just inspires me to work harder and do more.


Your most recent album ‘Scrapbook’ was downloaded over 30,000 times. Tell us about the album.


The album is very personal to me. I call it my Scrapbook because I was very open on it. I wanted people to see that even though I'm doing well, I'm not the perfect Christian and life gets hard for me just like it does for everybody else. I wanted to show people that I rely on God to get through hard times and they should too. 


What does gospel music mean to you? 

To me, gospel music is a message of faith through relevant genres of music, and it is powerful in equipping people with the belief they need. 


What music artist inspires you the most?


That's a hard one, it changed all the time. At the moment it’s Tinie Tempah. I love how hard he works and all the things he's achieved. He's very driven and even though his message is very different to mine, his work ethic inspires me to achieve the same things with gospel music that he has with mainstream music. 


You’re only in your twenties, yet you’ve done so much. How do you stay so grounded? 


I have a great family. They very happily bring me down to earth when I get a bit ahead of myself. Thankfully there's no violence involved [smiles]


At the height of the 2011 London Riots, you released a specially recorded track ‘Hometown Riots’ what is your opinion on the events in London last summer?


My opinion is that there is no excuse for what acts young people participated in however it’s a shame it took that to happen for the government and other people to focus on young people and how we can stop the issues they face. This should have been looked at long before and maybe I fit was, the riots wouldn't have happened. 


You have shared the stage with the likes of Chipmunk, Tinie Tempah and toured with Lethal Bizzle, what was it like?


It was great being the only Gospel artist on these tours. I find the other artists respect what I do and I feel really out of my comfort zone which is great, because I have to trust God. I love making impact out of the Christian industry as well as the mainstream industry.  


When can we expect to see another sell-out of “An Evening with Guvna B”?

This year after the release of my next album. 



What new projects are you working on?


My album 'Odd One Out' comes out this summer which I'm very excited about. The first single off of that is called 'Free' and is out on the 24th of



Remarkable Men: Who in the community would you say is a remarkable role model?

Anyone that inspires faith, positivity and maximising potential.



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