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lime Comedy Interview: Andi Osho

Lime interview - Comedy

Andi Osho

words by

Gillian Fisher

Reporter: Gillian Fisher

One of the capital’s ultimate rib ticklers


Andi Osho has burst onto the comedy circuit in a flurry of glamorous outfits and high heels in the last few years. When she’s not being loud and proud in her stand up gigs she’s grinning mischievously from our screens on Stand Up For the Week on Channel 4 or quipping over the airwaves on BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club Interviews. Her tongue in cheek humour that varies from lewd observations to acerbic irony is delivered with incredible presence and energy. Speaking to the woman herself as she makes her way to Manchester on the train I find Andi friendly, deeply astute and incredibly brave, as she describes giving up the nine to five to follow her dream of doing stand up I can’t but feel this is one pretty inspirational funny woman. 


You’re on tour at the moment. How is that going? 

Really well, thanks. I’m only doing a few gigs, Edinburgh, Reading, the usual places, but it’s all going really well, have had some great crowds.


When did you realise you had the ability to make people laugh?

Well I think most people make people laugh, everyone’s got it in them to be funny.  I think if you’ve never made anyone laugh that would be a bit strange. I think what makes people think stand up is brave is because you’re taking that spirit and energy and making it translate onto the stage. It’s mainly about that challenge of being able to get up there and do it in front of a live audience, having the confidence to go for it.


What’s the greatest lesson that 2011 has taught you?

I think probably the biggest thing, because I’ve been doing a show about dating I’ve learnt a lot from reading about relationships and the psychology of them. So I’ve learnt a lot about how men think, it’s been a bit of an eye opener. The different way that men’s brains work when you compare that to women’s. It’s been really interesting!

I’ve also discovered a bit of a love for twittering, just been learning how you can use it. You can have a lot of fun on twitter, like when a show’s going out, tweeting about it as you’re watching it and getting other people’s feedback and funny comments, so I’ve really enjoyed doing that. You have to be careful of course, some people take the whole thing way too seriously, it’s like ‘Calm down, darling!’ but so long as you’re not broadcasting your whole life and having online feuds it can be really fun.  


Could you share a New Years Eve experience with me?

One New Years Eve I was playing this tiny gig, there were about four people in the audience and then my family came to see me in my ‘big show’ so that pretty much doubled the audience! 

I asked people if they had any New Year’s resolutions and this one girl shouted out, ‘Not to make New Years plans at 3 O’clock!’ But I did my best! By the time it got to midnight I was just with the family and we were all watching Friday night live, the New Year just sort of happened; we didn’t even get to do the whole Auld Lang Syne thing.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Honestly, just get out there and do it. Everyone’s journey is different, and even if I were to tell you everything I’ve learnt, it’s completely different when it’s you up there doing it. 

For me, it was -this is my passion, this is my dream and I did it, not for any other reason.

People are always saying you should have a regular salary, you should have a house and a regular job to the point where it just becomes a habit. I think people should follow their dream, whether that’s stand up or acting, or even if people have dreams of working in accountancy. Just go for it, follow your dream.


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