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lime Clubs & Nightlife Interview: The Dj Interview with Cee Six

Lime interview - Clubs & Nightlife

The Dj Interview with Cee Six

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Sophia Jackson

Reporter: Sophia Jackson

Following in his father’s footsteps, Colin Aldridge, aka CeeSix of Blaze It Up Entertainment shares his DJ story with Lime. 

What’s your DJ story? How did you get into it?

I was fascinated with DJ’ing from a young age. My dad was in a reggae sound system (Taurus Hi Power), and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I remember watching him and his friends and studying their every move so that I could emulate them with my brother. I started to buy records when I was around 15, I used to save my pocket money and would buy allsorts to try and mix. My first gig was a family gathering and my dad let me play the music most on the night, I was 16 and to this day I can remember how nervous I was. I learnt so much that night but it was clear to see that I had potential. Fast forward a few years and now you have Blaze It Up Entertainments.


What tips would you give to a budding DJ?

Study the music, watch the crowd and do not rush the party by playing the big Bangers at the beginning of the night.


What’s the one track that’s guaranteed to get the party started?

It depends on the genre, but Cameo’s Candy is always a winner.


Why don’t you think more women become DJs?

Historically, it has been a male dominated industry. But hey it’s 2012. I would encourage much more women to get involved. 


It must be hard resisting all the female attention that comes with being a DJ. 

The attention is flattering, but I’m serious about my craft + I have a wonderful woman at home. 

What was the highlight of 2011?

Wow 2011 was a busy year, DJ'ing every weekend. I had a DJ gig in Scotland in March and I had a few DJ gigs in Jamaica in May. But my real highlight, was DJ'ing at my friend’s 30th birthday party, that was so nice to give back to those who have supported me throughout the years. We were also DJ’s at the Afridiziak Gifts and Occasions Christmas shopping event.

What’s new for you in 2012?

Well we have recently launched our website www.blazeitupents.com. I hope we continue to grow, maybe get a residency and a big established event or venue or maybe getting a show on a leading radio station.

Which artists do we need to have on our radar who we might not be aware of yet?

I would have to say UK hip hop artist - Dezert. He has got the flow and the charisma that I feel will take him to the next level. Check him out on youtube (darksidemusic1) or follow him on Twitter @Dezertmusic.

THE LOVE ISSUE: Is it better to love or be loved? 

I would say its better to love. You feel all the sensations and warmth that loving someone brings, but being loved is only nice when its wanted.

It’s Valentine’s Day this month; what three songs do you recommend as baby-making anthems?

1. H-Town - Knocking the Boots 

2. Jodeci – Feenin’ 

3. Trey Songz - Neighbours


 Catch Cee-Six on Whoa 90.4fm Saturday (8pm - 10pm) Sunday (10am-1pm) 





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