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lime Clubs & Nightlife Interview: Interview with Alison Limerick

Lime interview - Clubs & Nightlife

Interview with Alison Limerick

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

Alison Limerick scored success in the 90’s with the huge club anthem and her first solo-debut "Where Love Lives" 

having worked with many famous artists and songwriters, Alison continues to sing live, for PA’s with her own band. Singing soul/jazz, in various venues across Europe; Alison is one dance diva of house music. Ahead of her appearance at the Scottish Soulful Weekender this month, Lime caught up with her about her most recent album projects, working with producers and her independent releases. 


What have you been up to recently?


I have been doing prep for an album project, gathering together all the ‘stuff’ needed to compile a collection of previous releases (tracks from albums as well as numerous individual singles) and it's proved to be very time consuming.


You’ll be headlining at SSW2 this year. Are you looking forward to it?


I always love performing. Appearing before the SSW2 crowd should be great.


How do you describe the feeling when you’re performing on stage?


I seldom attempt to describe that feeling. Not only can it be different each time – yes standing on a stage is an adrenalin rush - but the excitement is always unique, driven by time, place and most especially the audience – and the sound of the room, the lateness of the hour (5am after a long flight will definitely alter ones feel for a show). However, wherever, whenever, as soon as the music starts and you hit the stage, everything else becomes unimportant. Singing has always been a pleasure for me; on stage that pleasure is magnified exponentially.


Throughout your career so far what has been the highlight?


There have been too many to pick just one as I’ve had a very long career.


Tell us about some of the artists, songwriters and producers that you’ve worked with...


Let me mention just a few, first Latti Kronlund, who wrote and produced my first solo single. A tall, generous, talented fellow, who sought me out after hearing me sing in an obscure show at the ICS in London - because he loved my voice. We worked together, on and off, for some time before he wrote ‘Where Love Lives’ and it was he who later ‘shopped’ it to Arista. I got my solo recording deal on the back of that song’s success so he will always have a place in my affections. Next let me mention Frankie Knuckles, who I had the pleasure of working with in New York for my second album. Not only is he a great producer but he is also a lovely man.


 I have to mention singing with Jocelyn Brown - we sang ‘background vocals together on ‘Come Back (For Real Love)' - there’s a humbling experience. She has an incredible instrument, a big voice packed with so much good stuff, it makes me wan’a shout whenever I hear her live. However, although she might rightfully be haughty and proud, she is, instead, warm and welcoming, and a great cook. Working with Darren Rock (DJ Rocky) from Xpress2 was a pleasure. We had a great time making our co-penned single ‘In The Blood’. The list of folk I have had the pleasure and the privilege of working with is pretty long. There are also numerous unsung heroes - mix engineers, songwriters, musicians. Suffice it to say I have worked with a lot of wonderful, talented people and know just how fortunate I have been to have met them all.


I hear you will be releasing two new album projects that are an exclusive digital collection of both your major and independent releases, how is that going?


The projects are still in process, with so many disparate pieces of the puzzle to collate the project is taking time and effort to tie up but we’ll get there in the end.


What would be three words that you would give as advice for those wanting to break into the industry?


Three words! Only three? Ok try these, ‘Be entirely unique,’ or ‘Do it yourself’, or ‘Be very fortunate’.

There are no rules, no sure path to follow, not any more. Success can come in many ways, with or without first signing a recording deal. For some the big break never comes, no matter how talented they are. However, if your passion is to make music then make music.



What’s your idea of helping out in the community?

I have just moved into a new community and right now I’m simply getting to know my neighbours and neighbourhood. However, whether talking about the place where you live, the people you love or the music ‘community’, first you must acknowledge that you are part of one; that your actions have consequences. Treat your chosen ’community’ with respect and demand the same of others.


Info: Alison Limerick headlines alongside Tony Humphries, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, DJ Spen, Greg Wilso, Prins Thomas, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Al Kent and a host of others in The Blue Room at SSW2 taking place Friday November 2nd to Sunday November 4th at The Cairndale Hotel, Dumfries DG1 2DF, Scotland. All info at www.scottishsoulweekender.com


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