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lime Clubs & Nightlife Interview: DJ Spoony

Lime interview - Clubs & Nightlife

DJ Spoony

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Spoony headlines the Back To 95: Boxing Day Back To Back Special, and should be a great party over the festive season and let me know if you want to come along as our guest.

What can party people expect from your set, styles and sounds at the Back To 95: Boxing Day Back To Back Special?

I love to play vocals, and always have done, and at Back To 95 on Boxing Day, I'm gonna play some really classic UKG. And of course alongside my good pal and all round nice fella, Mikee B.

Do you have any secret weapons you can share with us ?

No...but expect some Masters At Work and MK.

The end of another year and can you tell us what's new for the new year in terms of productions, remixes, projects etc etc ?

I'm going to be stepping into the world of management so I'm quite excited about that. Also my radio show on Ministry Of Sound has enjoyed a brilliant first year. I'mable to play house music till my heart's content, which is very exciting.

Any New Year's resolutions? and do you think you'll stick it out


Work hard, get fit, stay fit, play more golf and get down to 5 handicap....all in one year.... lol


Spoony, you and the Dreem Team are legends of the UKG scene. Where did it all start?

Thank you for the 'legends' tag. Well, individually we were all doing our thing,  playing various styles and genre's across the years and some point all fell in love with house music. This brought us together on the top pirate station in the capital, London Underground around '95. We all respected each other very much as DJs and spent time together socially. We would do mixes, play 'back to back' sets and get gigs for each other. The Dreem Teem was borne out of this.


Is it true that the name Spoony came from childhood taunts? Doesn’t it bring back a little of the pain every time you hear it?

Haha not so much taunts, it was just my nickname growing up. EVERYBODY had a nickname where I lived. I looked like an older kid who was called Spoony (because of HIS head-shape) so I became little Spoony.


UKG was one of the first home grown sounds to really make it big in the pop charts and cross over into the mainstream. Do you think it’s still holding alongside the likes of Grime and Dubstep in the spotlight?

Music evolves, goes in cycles. It's how UKG came to its prominence. Grime and Dubstep are 'cousins' of UKG. The sound of UKG had many variations and if you listen to Zed Bias, Zinc, Pay as You Go, More Fire Crew, all artistes that we played up and down the country, they all had elements of today's Grime and Dubstep tunes. Great music will ALWAYS hold its own, the demand for UKG sets again tells me that the music has stood the test of time and may still become the prominent music on the street again.

There are lots of clubs nights celebrating the soulful house and garage of the late nineties what do you think it is about music from that era that people just don’t want let go 

The memories. We were young, free and although not always single, it reminds of of a time when we had little and no responsibility. Times were very different in the world generally. Although it wasn't THAT long ago things have REALLY changed. The music was also special. Melodies, vocals, great bass-lines all made the vibe what it was, couple that with the memories and there you have it.

You’re a club and radio dj how easy was it to go to being a radio personality and hosting a phone in show (even if it is about football!)?


Not hard haha. I've alway enjoyed talking, communicating and this was just an extension of that. We used to talk about football on air in '95. I love my football. Mikee reminded me yesterday that I used to record Liverpool scoring, on cassette btw, and play them as jingles on the radio. Being Arsenal fans he and Timmi didn't really enjoy that part of my show but they saw the funny side.

Does music play an important part of your life when you’re not working? If so what would you listen to to wind down and chill out.

Wow…I have such an eclectic taste. Some stuff I wouldn't want to share haha. To chill I may listen to soulful house, old reggae or ballads. Depends on my mood really.

What three records never fail when you’re trying to get people up on the floor?

'Stay Together' - Barbara Tucker (Strictly Rhythm)
'My Desire' Dreem Team Remix -  Amira (Slip N Slide)
'Days Like This' - Sean Escoffrey.

And before you leave us, can you tell us something you think we should all be listening to before we head out the door to Back To 95 Boxing Day Back To Back Special ?

'Lessons In Love' by Steve Gurley featuring Robbie Craig
DJ Spoony headlines the Back To 95 Boxing Day Back To Back Special alongside Dream Team co pilot, Mikee B on Thursday December 26th at Club Colosseum. 5 More DJ back2back sessions from Scott Garcia and Ray Hurley; Pied Piper b2b Mike 'Ruff Cut' Lloyd; Hermit b2b Daniel Ward; Jason Kaye b2b Listener and Chris Lavish b2b Jerry Rankin plus MC Hosts, Buzzard, Creed, PSG, DT and CKP. For all info check out www.backto95.com or facebook back to 95

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