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lime Clubs & Nightlife Interview: DJ EZ

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Known as one of the greatest DJ’s ever to grace the British garage scene, EZ currently hosts popular UK Garage radio show called Destination Weekend on London's Kiss 100.

How did you get your start as a DJ and when did you get the desire to give it a try? 

At the tender age of 13 after soaking up the pirate station DJ’s skill of mixing 2 records together, came the inspiration, and some might say obsession, to attempt mixing two tracks together. Unlike today’s budding young DJ’s, my bedroom equipment consisted of one portable radio/tape player, an amplifier and a tape deck. After much experimenting I managed to pull off a few mixes from audio tape to audio tape! After several attempts I became frustrated at only being able to hold a mix for a short time due to lack of pitch control, so with my electronics know how, I discovered a way of slowing down the pitch on the tape deck by lightly pushing on part of the tape decks inner workings (called the pinch roller) which is located very close to the tape deck heads.  After a few tries at this, I became very good at locking to songs together. Longer mixes were now achievable. I bet there aren’t a lot of DJ’s who can say that they learnt to mix by doing that!


What’s been your motivation as a DJ? What still drives you and how would you describe your DJ style?

The love of music, the continued support from the people that love what I play and the way I play it.

Of all the accolades/accomplishments you’ve achieved over the years – what would you say has been your proudest moment?

It has to be making my family proud of me! Not forgetting the many awards that I have won, the ‘Pure Garage’ compilation series which has sold around 1.8 million copies, my weekly Kiss FM radio where I have been for the last 13 years and the followers I have attracted over the years to name a few. 

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not behind the decks? 

Well, I am a big Fifa 13 Xbox 360 fan, so I like to play that now and then. I like to chill out and watch TV and often read a lot about Tech stories etc. A lot of these things will have their time cut as I plan to get back into the studio this year... 

Name five tunes that you'd like to play for us right now?

RIP Productions - Mellow Works

DJ Disciple - Keep On Moving

Nicole - Running Away (Todd Edwards Mix)

Oscar G - Gotta Keep Moving

Neneh Cherry – Buddy X (MAW 12inch House Mix)


And one that you'd never play in a million years…

Even though I have played DJ Q's mix of Psy's - Gangnam Style. I can never see myself playing the original for ANYONE, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!

What’s the best thing about your life at the moment?  

There has been a massive surge in bookings in new locations and new events at the moment. We are currently confirming bookings for most of the major UK festivals in 2013 and I am playing in various new locations across Europe for the first time which is very interesting. Check out www.djez.com to keep up to date on where I’ll be. 

What’s next for you?

Getting back in the studio is my priority and it is something that I am looking forward to BIG TIME!

Finish the sentence. A good set starts with....?

In my case, one of my intro's [Laughs]

And ends with...?

A cool set ending vocal track to have the crowd singing to which is always a nice way to end and set up for the next DJ.

And what track should we be listening to as we head out the door from Back To 95?

I won't spoil it by telling you, just come and check it out on Saturday 2nd March. SEE YOU THERE!


Every Friday catch DJ EZ between 10pm-12am across the Kiss Network on Kiss 100, Kiss 101 and Kiss 105. www.kissfmuk.com/ez

Twitter: @djezofficial

Soundcloud: djez


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