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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Interview: a.d. models

Lime interview - Beauty & Lifestyle

a.d. models

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

 In this exclusive interview Lime talks to Ash Cole and Bernita Shaw about their model management agency, how they aim to bring a fresh approach to the fashion industry and their focus on representing the next generation of top models.


a.d. models is a new agency; we hope to bring a new perspective on what it means to be a model. Our models come from a wide range of backgrounds and are real representations of young people in society today.


What differentiates you from other agencies?

Our agency’s aim is to slowly break down the discriminatory boundaries that are synonymous with the fashion industry. Whereas it’s important for our models to have a good (AND healthy) look, we also focus on their personality as well, as ultimately, that’s what makes them more relatable.


What advice do you have for youngsters wanting to get into the industry?

We would advise youngsters trying to get into the industry, to be confident, be themselves and have a positive attitude. It is tough and you need a thick skin to be able to deal with criticism and being a positive person is the best way to do this.


We hear about some of the bad experiences people have when first trying to make it in modelling, do you have any tips on how to avoid these?

In all industries there’s going to be difficult times; it’s important for models to keep their wits about them and to speak up when they feel uncomfortable.


I like the design of your website, what was the thinking about the styling of it?    

Thanks! Our website design is quite simplistic; we wanted the models to be the focal point.  We chose to have a gallery of all our models as opposed to individuals ones so that it felt more blog-like, more current.


What background do you have in the fashion industry?

We have both worked in fashion for a long time, at smaller boutique stores as well as big chains.  I (Ash) have also done visual merchandising. All our experience has helped us to gain a better understanding of what it is that consumers are after. We think it’s really important for brands to keep their finger on the pulse and remain fresh and current rather than stick to age-old stereotypes.


What do you think will be the big trends coming up this year?

For summer, we’re loving the pastel colours that were shown last year and are really present on the high street at the moment. For next season we think at baroque style details will be huge!


Bright Young Things: What does the future hold for you, and the company?

We’re still a young company so there’s a lot of room to develop. What’s good is that a lot of people have been receptive to what we’re doing, even at such an early stage and we just hope that a.d. continues to grow from strength to strength.


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