Lime got the Hype Coiffure experience at their Brixton based salon. " />
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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Interview: Trim as you mean to go on

Lime interview - Beauty & Lifestyle

Trim as you mean to go on

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Jennifer Rock

Reporter: Jennifer Rock

Lime got the Hype Coiffure experience at their Brixton based salon.

I am sure many would agree that there aren’t enough hours in the day to pamper and indulge your natural tresses.  So when I was presented with an opportunity to review Hype Coiffure in Brixton it couldn’t have come at a better time.

A little background here will tell you that my hair is natural and has been in a protective style for over 11 weeks, my own (natural twists) so it comes as no surprise that my hair was now in desperate need of a little TLC.

Upon arrival I was greeted by my stylist, Chester Julien and before long I was in consultation about the natural state of my hair. It was a refreshing change to not have to volunteer this information, there was genuine interest and he was also well versed in natural hair, which is always a bonus.  

We decided my hair needed hydrating so he applied a purifying shampoo with a mixture of Argan oils and a revitalising masque to replenish my thirsty locs. Then followed a 20 minute stint under a hooded dryer then a rinse which honestly left my hair feeling clean, not stripped of its natural properties and fully massaged.

After much discussion on how straight I wanted my hair blow-dried (which really was not very straight at all as I am quite anti-heat) he applied a combination of ‘Unique 1 & Mizani Heat Protecting Serum’ whilst I made a huge decision.

A little internalising later, I went ahead with what always feels like the ’big chop’, where in actuality was maybe an inch or so of split ends. So rather than having a blunt trim, Chester opted to trim into my hair allowing me to have the option of re-twisting without the possibility of said twists unravelling through a blunt cut.

Hype Coiffure was a pleasant experience, I felt looked after and would recommend a visit. There was no pressure to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with; in fact there was always room for compromise. Read on to find out more about Hype Coiffure.

So what products did you use in my hair and why?

Your hair was in great need of hydration so we needed to put the moisture back in the hair by using a mixture of oil based products, which would compliment each other. I used a purifying shampoo (Mizani) to clarify the hair.

You have a great location here in Brixton, who are your clientele?

We have clients who come from all around, not just in Brixton. We also have branches in Battersea and Balham.

When are you at your busiest?

I would have to say usually at the beginning and the end of the month. Before the recession you could have predicted peak periods, but it is not so easy now. Christmas and summer holidays are also busy times.


Are you noticing any hair trends? I know that style once sported by Willow Smith with the shaved side and long bangs seems to be popular.

If I am honest, we were doing those sorts of styles four/five years ago, now we encourage people to do that style but with a little more length to it so it becomes diverse and is a little different. People are also adding hair extensions and having the grown out colour look.

Are you noticing that move towards natural hair?

We do have a lot of ‘natural’ clients but we have more people opting for ‘relaxed’ hair. I advise clients that if they are unsure about a relaxer they can always have it texturised and it actually leaves the hair fuller.

Has the salon won any awards?

Yes last year ‘Five the Barber’ who works at the Battersea branch won an award for best Southern Stylist. The salon also won best Afro Hairdresser of the Year in 2010.

What advice would you give for promoting healthy hair?

Treatments, I can’t stress this enough. But it depends upon the state of your hair, your treatments each visit may differ depending on your hair’s natural state. Also get your ends trims on a regular basis.

How long did it take you to get to where you are today?

I trained at ‘Splinters’ for over three years then I moved to Harvey Nichols. I can do European hair also. It’s all very well to have the qualifications but you really need to have broad experience of doing hair too. My next step is to gain even more education in hair.

Has the salon seen any celebrity clients pass through its doors?

Yes we’ve had presenters and I once did Iman’s hair, she is quite diva like in person but she was nice.

What products do you stand by and what is new on the market?

Well KeraCare have a new natural range also for curly textured hair. Mizani is also quite good with their range.

So finally, why should people visit Hype Coiffure?

It has been established for over 15-years. Years ago there were not many good African-Caribbean hair salons, but now this is changing and we are one of those salons. Hair care is important to us; we want to see it flourish. Also everything we use we sell as well.


Finish this sentence – women are great because?

They know what they want I can only bow to that.


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