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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Interview: Love Emile

Lime interview - Beauty & Lifestyle

Love Emile

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EDITOR - Vernia Mengot

Reporter: EDITOR  - Vernia Mengot

Fashion designer Emile Carr talks to Lime about it his latest collection, style icons and work in the fashion industry.


How did your interest in fashion begin?

I was 17 and bored of doing music and art so I hopped on my mum’s sewing machine and found it really fun. From there I went on to do my degree at London College of Fashion.

Since creating the brand Emile, what challenges have you faced along the way?

Running your own business sometimes forces your morals to be tested and fortunately I've come out on the other side positive. The average day for me is about 12 hours of work; sometimes I go two days without sleep to ensure that I meet deadlines.

Talk to us about some of the looks you’ve designed in your latest Collection.

My latest collection to be launched on 4th July 2012 uses avant garde and technical fabrics never been seen before. The cuts are kept simple and structured. However the use of metal poppers allows some of the garments to have multiple looks so the costumer gets more wear out of one product.

What would you say is one of this season’s hottest looks?

I love the current display in Zara, the bright colours and creams have been very well executed, complimented with their signature slender cuts.

What is your biggest fashion ‘no no’?

I try to keep an open mind but I hate low hanging trousers on women and men, considering the history and meaning behind it.

How important is style to you?

Style is very important as it determines how one carries themselves. Style is one of those things that is not meant to be dictated to you, it is subjective meaning that someone's faux pas is another person’s fashion statement.

Who is your style icon?

I love Viktor and Rolf, since my early days they have always inspired me with their edgy designs and sharp shapes. Their ideas are like something from a dream as they sometimes defy the laws of gravity.

What’s one of the hardest things about working in fashion?

Aside from the long hours one of the hardest things is not compromising your creativity just to make money. As a business owner I have to keep my eye on my balance sheet whilst ensuring that I am not watering down my creativity.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to break into the fashion industry?

I advise them to not take no for an answer. Persistence works however still try to be realistic with your resources. As long as you are seeing progression then keep chasing the dream.


What’s next?

The company is organizing a fashion show with Hackney College where not only will EMILE be launching its new collection to the public but designs from students on the fashion courses will be on display. Some of these students would have been part of the EMILE Academy. 
Event details:
Creative Arts & Media Show
Hackney College
Wednesday 4th July 2012
1pm  and 7pm

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