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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Interview: King of the Crops

Lime interview - Beauty & Lifestyle

King of the Crops

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Natasha Julien

Reporter: Natasha Julien

Errol Douglas, 44, is the UK’s leading black and Asian hair stylist, renowned for his classic styling, striking cuts and the best blow-drying and polished finishing in London. 

The coveted stylist has won several of the world’s most revered awards as well as being named Cosmopolitan’s ‘Ultimate Man of the Year’ in 2008 for his charity work. 

What are the hottest hairstyles can you suggest for people with different face shapes (round shape, pear shape, square shape) for the party season?


If you have a pear shape face it’s good to flatter the face and have more shape around the top and sides as usually if you have a pear shape or heart shape face you have a beautiful chin and you can show that off. If you have a square shape, make sure your hair is not going past your jaw, make it a bit soft, don’t make it a hard solid line like a bob, have a bit of a shape to it like a half fringe – not a full fringe, like something sweeping to one side which is quite cool – If your face is really round, be careful with too much volume – you need things that are going to soften your cheekbones and forehead and also with any of these hairstyles if you have very strong features adding a bit of colour will soften up the look.


What hairstyles do you think will be most popular in 2010?


The fringe, as a lot of fringe is coming back – not the pob’s with straight fringes – we’re having a lot of soft fringes. Lots of undercuts are coming back, with a lot of weight left on the top so you have a lot of duality and can have it many ways or undercut on one side or both sides – a lot of girls are now having the shaved hair on one side – that’s filtered out everywhere and it’s quite a catwalk look. Also, a lot of crops are coming back.


Whose hair would you most like to style that you have not done yet?


Liv Tyler, Scarlett Johansson are both amazing – funnily enough although people slag her off and put her down, I think Whitney Houston’s new press images look amazing. Megan Fox looks great and Jennifer Aniston looks quite cool.


What are the best products for Afro hair?


I would say Vito, Affirm, and Errol Douglas Products soon to release one day - woo hoo.


What is your advice to women with natural hair who find it difficult to vary their hairstyles without committing to a perm?


Shave it off. Forget it, no ones interested – only joking. Natural hair that is healthy looks beautiful and amazing. Natural hair that is dry, needs combing out and is picky is awful. It’s not flattering is it?

What advice would you give to natural hair women in regards to the best products to use to maximise their natural curls?

There are loads of products, such as Loosely Defined from the Matrix range from the design Pulse range, there’s a couple on the Affirm range that are leave-in which are great.


With the forthcoming release of the film Good Hair in mind – what are your views on weaves? 

It’s not that good, I can’t see what all the fuss is – it’s funny but it’s not amazing. I think weaves and any extensions help women – but women have to know when to stop using them just like a hairdresser has to know when to give good advice. They are great in small doses. It’s not damaging as such, but the hair weakens. You have to give your hair at least six months. I would say the maximum time to wear a weave is a year – a lot of people have it for three or four years and then suffer afterwards.


What has been the highlight/proudest moment of your career so far?

Receiving the MBE and the Cosmopolitan award as it was independent of what I do. I’m only the fourth person in the country in this profession to be awarded one and the youngest.

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