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lime Beauty & Lifestyle Interview: BuyMyWardrobe to fill yours

Lime interview - Beauty & Lifestyle

BuyMyWardrobe to fill yours

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Interview with Kal Di Paola

Designer goods are out of your budget. Wrong. Second-hand shopping only involves charity shops or digging around in bottomless pits of knitwear in east London. Wrong. BuyMyWardrobe is on hand to feed those designer urges without scaring your bank card into hiding.

BuyMyWardrobe events are one of the most affordable ways to buy designer clothes and accessories, and we caught up with founder Kal Di Paola to discover where the idea came from.


How would you describe one of your events for someone who has never been?

BuyMyWardrobe events are now held twice a year and are an extension of the BuyMyWardrobe online marketplace. We select 30 of our most stylish online sellers to come together for a one day event where they open up their wardrobes to members of the public. 

The events are ticketed and are always held in upmarket locations. They open with a VIP champagne preview hour. Goody bags and indulgent treats add glitz and glamour to make it as far removed from a jumble sale as we can. 


Are the items affordable?

There is something for everyone. Our focus is on quality – so everything for sale must have been at least £100 brand new, however, prices at the event start from as little as £10. The best bargains are the designer Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada handbags which go at a fraction of their original price.


Will there be any accessories on sale? 

Yes; it’s everything you’d find in a wardrobe, from clothing and shoes to jewellery and watches. And for the first time ever we’re including a beauty product sale. We are featuring four or five beauty bloggers who will be selling off their beauty samples.


Where did the idea for BuyMyWardrobe come from?

It was 2008, I had been running my own fashion label for the past 11 years, the country was in recession, the over consumption of the past decade was being highlighted in the media and a new wave of eco-awareness was taking hold. Faced with a very unhappy bank manager and a wardrobe that would barely close, I decided to make some cash by clearing my wardrobe of years of hoarding. 

My options to do that were limited. Ebay wasn't the right place for niche labels and dress agencies were too picky. I wanted somewhere I could set up shop for the day and nobody provided that. So I decided to host my very own designer fashion recycling event, and BuyMyWardrobe was born. The first event was a huge success and paved the way for more. It was only after 10 sold out events, an increasing demand for seller spaces and a growing and engaged offline community that I made the leap to launch the online marketplace in August 2012. 


Before BuyMyWardrobe took off you used to design, is that something you still do? 

In my head yes, but in reality no. I feel like I still do all the prep – after 12 years of designing, trend forecasting becomes part of your makeup. It definitely still comes in useful, and selling other people’s wardrobes is a much easier job so I don’t miss it too much.


Who is your favourite designer?

They change all the time, currently I’m a fan of Acne, Rebecca Taylor, Rag and Bone, Celine, Lela Rose and J W Anderson.


What was your first designer purchase?

Some brown and turquoise Gucci platform heels.


What item in your wardrobe would you not be able to do without?

My black Philip Lim Blazer. 


What item should every woman have in her wardrobe? Is it the LBD?

I believe in a new must have piece every season. This season I would say a crisp white shirt.

The next ByMyWardrobe live event is October 5th at the Kensington Roof Gardens

VIP tickets cost £20 and allow entry from 12pm, include a glass of champagne and a goody bag.

Standard tickets cost £5 and allow entry from 1pm.

To book tickets visit the website: https://www.buymywardrobe.com/events

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