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lime Theatre feature: Untold Histories

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Untold Histories

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At least 15,000 Black people lived in Georgian England, some of which we know their stories, like Olaudah Equiano, Ignatius Sancho, and Elizabeth Dido Belle, however there were many who lived ordinary lives with their families.

Find out who was selling fruit and veg in Clapham, who was the Black woman who made the most appearances at the Old Bailey, and the unexpected lives of many others. 

Historian, genealogist and writer Kathleen Chater discusses her doctoral thesis Untold Histories: Black People in England and Wales during the period of the British slave trade c. 1669-1807.

Her work speaks to the ‘unfinished conversations’ in our Black Georgians exhibition as we continue to fill the gaps in Black history in Britain.  Join us for this insightful talk on the untold histories of the Black Georgians. 


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