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lime Theatre feature: I See You

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I See You

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“I don’t need your sorries white boy, yes. You heard right. You know white people think we are the same? We both look black. But only one of us is black”

Post-Apartheid South Africa, after dark.

Ben meets Skinn for a night out. But the party is interrupted by the police. Ben, a young student who doesn’t know his own history, is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. And Officer Buthelezi, a former freedom fighter, can’t let it go.

Based on a real encounter.

“Speak to me in your mother-tongue and I will let you go.”

Noma Dumezweni makes her directorial debut. After its run in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs I See You will play at the Market Theatre Johannesburg.


DATES: Thursday 25th October - Saturday 26th March 16 TICKETS: £20 (£10 Monday day seats from 9am online)

Royal Court Theatre

Sloane Square

Box Office 020 7565 5000