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lime Screen feature: New Movie Releases 2012-2013

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New Movie Releases 2012-2013

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

Looking back at the year, 2012 has been slightly disappointing at the cinema. 

Sure there have been some notable successes, but the overall quality has been of lower quality than previous years. 'Avenger Assemble' has been the stand-out hit, and 'The Dark Knight Rises' wasn't too far behind, but those films aside the Summer blockbuster period was a bit of a dud. 


A late surge had been provided by the spectacular returns of 'Skyfall', which is well on track to be the biggest film ever at the UK box office. The final instalment of 'The Twilight Saga', is also doing great business, but is unlikely to holdover as well as the James Bond movie. 


December usually provides us with a few more big hitters, some of which will come loaded with Oscar potential. This year, most of the real contenders seem to be holding off until January, but there are a couple of films that will hope to grab the attention of the critics, as well as the paying punters. 


Peter Jackson returns to Middle Earth with the first part of his trilogy based on 'The Hobbit'. The success of 'Lord of the Rings' is unlikely to be replicated, and concerns have already been raised about the decision to split such a short book into three films. However with the boost of 3D as well as the promise of the best visuals yet, perhaps we might be underselling this epic. 


Jackson is also responsible for another film out this month. A big hit at The London Film Festival, 'West of Memphis' is a documentary about a horrible miscarriage of justice and offers something different to the blockbusters and adaptations that will be otherwise populating the multiplexes. 


'Life of Pi' is Ang Lee's take on a classic novel, and he too has opted for 3D. The trailer looks stunning, although the story does come across as difficult to translate to the screen. Do you fancy spending 2 hours plus in the company of a boy in a boat who only has a tiger for entertainment?


Another controversial literary adaptation is 'Jack Reacher', which hits the screens on Boxing Day. The main bone of contention here is the casting of Tom Cruise in the title role, although there is a strong supporting cast which improbably includes zany director Werner Herzog amongst its number. 


Rapper RZA stars in and directs 'The Man with the Iron Fists', a special-effects heavy martial arts flick. It's got mixed reviews from the US, although we're keen to see Russell Crowe in his much-vaunted cameo role. 


'Gremlins' will be getting a re-release this Christmas, and if you're after a modern day equivalent the hilarious 'Grabbers' is also out at the end of the month... if you can find them both playing at the same time you have yourself the perfect creature feature double-bill. 


The rest of the month is full of smaller films that probably won't get much of a chance, and you might as well save your money for some of the early 2013 releases which promise to be spectacular. 


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Just as a taster, there's Steven Spielberg offering up his biopic of Abraham Lincoln, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn in 'Gangster Squad', Anne Hathaway singing her heart out opposite Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman in 'Les Miserables' and Jamie Foxx starring with Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L Jackson and Kerry Washington in Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'. 


We can't wait!