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lime Screen feature: New Movie Releases

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New Movie Releases

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

It's officially Spring, and there are a whole host of movies trying to pry you away from the great outdoors and into a stuffy cinema. 

In fact, you might be one of those lucky few heading off to Cannes for the film festival, in which case, you get the best of both worlds! For us mere mortals left back at home, here is what to catch this month.


Things start off with a blockbusting bang as the sequel to Star Trek blasts onto screens. The trailer looks fantastic, and we caught a sneak peek at some footage shot for the IMAX which was even better. Benedict Cumberbatch is on villain duties this time around, and sci-fi fans will be keeping an eye out for any references to director JJ Abrams next project... just the small matter of the Star Wars franchise.


Sticking with the Blockbusters, The Rock is back with the rest of the Fast & Furious gang for the sixth outing in the vehicular series. The action has more of a European feel in this film, with London taking another bashing. The Rock seems to have it in for our Capital city, he also failed to save us in 'G.I. Joe – Retaliation'.


The Wolfpack is back in 'Hangover III'. The last film was something of a disappointment, so this one appears to be reverting back to the formula that made the original a critical AND commercial smash. We don't think there will be another one, so let’s hope they go out in style this time around.


All Stars is a smaller British film aimed at the kids. It has a bunch of local talent and it might be worth checking out if you need to entertain the young ones. Animated feature Epic 3D is also out this month, as is nature documentary 'Chimpanzee'. The latter may well have you in tears, but it's also very good.


WWE Films take their latest strategy to the UK, with two films. Their previous efforts have been largely developed in-house, and have largely been awful. Now though, the company seems to be investing in higher profile films and placing their own talent in smaller roles opposite established stars. Luke Evans stars in the clever slasher flick 'No One Lives' with Colin Farrell turning up in revenge thriller 'Dead Man Down'. Both are better than the usual output from the studio, and have enough about them to engage even the more casual viewer.


'Gimme The Loot' looks interesting as does 'I'm So Excited', which appears to be a super-camp airline comedy from Spanish maestro Pedro Almodovar.


MUD headlined the recent Sundance Film Festival, and is a sweet coming of age story from the director of Take Shelter. Going back a bit further in the festival circuit, The Reluctant Fundamentalist starring Riz Ahmed is out and feels all the more relevant.


Byzantium sees Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan pair up in a vampire themed story set in the UK. The young British stars are already taking Hollywood by storm, so it's good to see them still making the odd film over here.


Finally, the film we're most excited about... 'The Great Gatsby'. The cast look perfect and as if to underline how confident Warner Brothers are about the film, they've put it in the high-profile opening slot at Cannes. And that takes us back to where we started... not jealous at all.