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Limes Christmas Gift Guide

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

One of the most anticipated films of the year, arguably the most anticipated film of all-time, 'The Dark Knight Rises' is the epic conclusion to the Batman trilogy as imagined by Christopher Nolan. 

As well as the real-world reinvention the director has also created a number of iconic characters for the big screen. One which has remained constant is The Tumbler, the brutally uncompromising Batmobile that Christian Bale has used since the first film. 


We were given a chance to ride along in the vehicle at a top secret location. Not only that but we also spoke to Chris Corbould, the special effects supervisor on the trilogy. It really was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up, especially with The Dark Knight Rises about to hit the shelves on DVD and Blu-ray. 


Lime sent along Movies Editor and self-confessed bat-nerd Cassam Looch, and here's what happened....


Before I got in the Tumbler, I got to see and hear it race around the track. It growled as imagined it would, surely this was just for the benefit of the movies?


“Absolutely not. What you here in the film is all real, we haven't added anything to make it louder” said Chris Corbould, the man who helped create the vehicle. The original concept came from Chris and Jonathan Nolan, and at first Corbould thought it was going to be a tough ask to bring it to life from the pages he had been given. 


“The wheels, for example, we thought we were going to have to make especially. But the numbers we would have to manufacture just made that impossible, so we looked online and managed to find them. It's a real vehicle, you'll see when you go round the track that it can do almost all of the things you see on screen”. 


Clearly this just made me all the more eager to get into the vehicle. 


“When we filmed it on the streets were doing some serious speeds. It can hit 100mph...” When you see the size of the thing, up close, you get a real sense of what an achievement this really is. 


As I made my rather clumsy entry into the passenger side, I could see what Chris meant when he talked about the views from inside. I was in the same cockpit that had been home to Christian Bale, and Chris mentioned how eager the actor was to do as much of the driving himself as was possible. 


There are four working Tumblers in existence. A fifth one was destroyed in the course of filming. Corbould says that we get to see it do pretty much everything that is possible with such a creation. 


In The Dark Knight we saw the dramatic reveal of the Batpod bike emerge from the bowels of the wreckage of a Tumbler, and in final instalment Bruce Wayne takes to the air when the streets of Gotham become overrun by cops and goons, all eager to capture Batman. 


For my ride I was going to be on the ground, but believe that was an experience like no other. The sound is deafening, and the ease with which we raced around corners came as a real surprise. This is a huge object, but it can handle almost everything that is thrown at it. 


It's unlikely that you'll be getting one of these for Christmas this year, but why not check out what it can do when The Dark Knight Rises hits the stands on various formats. 


My Christmas came early though; this was a truly memorable experience... I'm still smiling as I type this.


The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight Trilogy arrive on Blu-raym, DVD and digital download from 3rd December.