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lime Screen feature: July 2012 new movie releases

Lime feature- Screen

July 2012 new movie releases

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Cassam Looch

Reporter: Cassam Looch

It's time for two of the biggest films of this, or any other year. First up a rebooted and re-suited version of Spider-Man swings into action as Andrew Garfield becomes the latest man to play Peter Parker. 

He's joined by Emma Stone – the couple having fallen in love on set – and Rhys Ifans as the villain of the piece. 


The early word has marked this out as a crowd-pleaser, one which will generally appeal to everyone. But this might mean that 'The Amazing Spider-Man' lacks any real bite. 


The big beast hovering in the background is 'The Dark Knight Rises'. The hype has been off the scale ever since 'The Dark Knight' broke records when it was released several summers ago. Since then, the casting of Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway has only added to the frenzy, and a series of trailers have had fans guessing as to how Christopher Nolan will conclude his Batman trilogy. 


For those of you looking to brush up on all things Nolan, the BFI are putting on a season of the director's films which will include the first two Batman films. Be sure to check out his lesser known hits as well, the season runs from 1st July with more details available on http://www.bfi.org.uk/.


The rest of the month is a real mixed bag of films that will try and cater to everyone. 


We've already talked about one music documentary, the exceptional 'Searching for Sugar Man' which is reviewed in this issue, but there is also a more pop-tastic alternative. 'Katy Perry: Part of me 3D' hopes to follow the other 3D concert movies of recent years, but timing might be against it. 


'Ice Age 4 Continental Drift' is the one the kids will be keen to see. The series has gone from strength to strength and this one looks to follow suit. All the characters from the previous films return, and we expect a few new ones will join the mix as well. 


Two more heavyweight alternatives are also potential end of year top ten candidates. 


'Detachment' sees Adrian Brody play a substitute teacher who manages to find a connection at this latest school. Perhaps Christina Hendricks being a fellow teacher might explain that? Director Tony Kaye made the exceptional 'American History X' earlier in his career, and this could be just as good. 

Steve Carell is 'Seeking a friend for the end of the world' and it just so happens that Keira Knightley is looking for the same. The apocalyptic indie road movie looks like a sleeper hit in the making.  


Two smaller releases we can heartily recommend are 'I Am Bruce Lee' and 'El Bulli: Cooking In Progress'. 


The Bruce Lee documentary has previously unseen footage of the great man, as well as topical contributions from some of the biggest names in martial arts and is spiritual successor in terms of popularity, Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA). 


Just as eye-opening, is the sumptuous El Bulli film which takes a behind-the-scenes look at what was previously known as the best dining experience in the world. The now defunct restaurant would close its doors for six months of every year to prepare dozens of unique dishes and this film follows that process every step of the way. It's mouth-watering so just be sure to have snacks on hand if you do go ahead and watch this.