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lime Music feature: New Music Releases 2012 - 2013

Lime feature- Music

New Music Releases 2012 - 2013

words by

Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Bem Iordah-Faded Grace

Bem Iordah is born, raised and living in Nigeria but his music can and will travel the world with his easy melodies. 

I actually heard of him through twitter and as you do I did a little bit of research on him and realised he was a really fresh talent. 

Certainly for the UK we are a little narrow minded when it comes to music preferring to stay with either that European vibe or the US. When it comes to places like Africa some of us only seem to delve there when we want afro-beats. We should however make sure we are not so short sighted and embrace African interpretations of the music that we in the West might be more familiar with. 

Faded Grace is just such a song a sweet soul jazzy number with guitar accompaniment with a bitter sweet tale lyrically that tells the story of fallen women. Bem states, “She’s the girl who got a kid at 15 and had to drop out of school, and maybe is the same girl I saw on the street corner at 12am, cold, but barely dressed still. Our society isn’t exactly kind to her. So yeah, I figured I’d write something encouraging for her...and for everyone else who could relate”

I love this track with an unbending passion and if he continues to write with this passion and with such beautiful music then he will become a much in demand artist.

Faded Grace out now


Charlie Brown-Dependency 

Well we have already featured Charlie Brown in our interview section but hey go check out Charlie’s forthcoming debut release Dependency that sits very nicely into the lane of soulful pop. Check the vocals by Ms-D who sang the hook on Wiley’s Heatwave she smashes it!

I always talk about tracks being radio friendly and this has all the hall marks of such a track that could be on the urban stations and indeed your more mainstream forces like Capital Radio comfortably. 

Importantly it is a track that strikes a nice balance all held together by Charlie’s revitalising and brilliant song writing a product of years and years working with some of the biggest names like Fraser T ( who was behind Adele’s smash album). 

In fact check out the interview because Charlie will be hooking up with Fraser T to create some magic for his album drooping sometime in Spring.

Dependency out 2nd December


Frank Ocean-Lost

I wrote a little while ago that Frank Ocean (or his marketing team) dropping his album soon after his revelation that he was gay or is it bi-sexual was the oldest form of cynical promotion going and I stand by my feelings. 

Controversy is a sure fire way to get people interested- if a breast is on show people want to see it, if a text is full of sex people want to read (Fifty Shades of Grey) if a book outs President’s Clinton’s wife as a person that likes cunnilingus people will read it and of course if you say you are gay when your album is dropping (or something to that effect) then sure enough people will buy it-we are that simple. Not me however I am just rather skint! 

Frank Ocean for the record is a truly brilliant artist that needs no gimmicks or ploys to sell his music and this latest offering from his album Channel  Orange, Lost is Awesome with that capital ‘A’ (not a typo)  and a clear affirmation that music in general will sell music. Lost bumps along on a sea of a tight melody and Ocean’s emotive lyrics and I love it-Ocean takes us on a wave of delight!

Out 17 December