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lime Music feature: Mays new music releases

Lime feature- Music

Mays new music releases

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

So it is another month of releases and Lime will try and point you in the right direction. 


The music industry churns out new releases at such a high volume that anyone would do well to know about all of them so this list is just a small but biased fraction of the releases that we want you to look at, ostensibly sampling some of the best UK talent that there is on offer. 


Bob Marley Soundtrack

This is a little late since the soundtrack is already out but this is to make sure people get their copies. The film Marley is apparently a brilliant look at the life of one of the most influential artist’s period. This film is particularly important because it is the only documentary that has been given the green light to use intimate family footage. Anyway aside from that the soundtrack to that movie is out now so make sure it becomes part of your cd collection-(forgive the bias).

Rita Ora ft Tinie Tempah-RIP

This young lady has in a short period of time gone from a prospective talent to someone who can seriously consider taking on the likes of the UK’s very own Jessie J. A step too far-no I do not think so-she has Jay Z’s Roc Nation backing her and Jay Z appears to be taking a personal interest in her career. Her first single with DJ Fresh Hot Right Now was a huge commercial entrance and now she follows this up with RIP featuring another brilliant UK name-Tinie Tempah. The single is just as catchy as Hot Right Now and was written by none other than Drake (you might know him). 

Released 7th May.


Delilah real name Poloma Stoecker is very likely to be the next UK sensation blessed with a tellingly emotive voice that allows her to emit a certain sensual melancholy in her words. Breathe is an absolutely brilliant single that certainly brings that tingle down the spine and it has a sound that is quintessentially UK particularly when that rolling drum beats kicks in. Her album ‘From the Roots Up’ is destined for a release in July but in the meantime push the volume up to full and Breathe!

Released 14th May

Wretch 32 ft Ed Sheeran Hush Little Baby

We go UK again and feature two of the HOTTEST names right now in the scene with Wretch and Ed Sheeran. Wretch is officially going stratospheric (have you seen him in the adiddas advert?). Here he teams up with Ed Sheeran on this single off his acclaimed album and it sees these two talents do what they do brilliantly-Wretch drops telling verses and Sheeran sings a killer hook and chorus (no wonder he received two Brit awards). Look out for the remixes of this single on the 27th May there is a brilliant drum n bass version.

Released  20th May.

Other releases to look out for in May

Damon Albarn- The Marvellous Dream

The brilliant Paloma Faith with Picking Up The Pieces

Jessie J ft David Guetta-Laserlight.