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lime Music feature: Limes July 2012 music releases

Lime feature- Music

Limes July 2012 music releases

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Florence and the Machine-Spectrum

Last up are the rather great Florence and The Machines who have gone from underground artists to the darlings of British pop culture and music in just under three years. 


Performances at literally every festival you can think of and performances on iconic and influential programmes like Jools Holland have taken their name outside the UK shores and into a more global perspective. Having seen her live I have to say there is a great deal of engaging theatre when they perform. 

Anyway their latest venture Spectrum in truth does not strike up any real surprises but it will add to her tally of high achieving hits. It has ‘constant radio play’ written all over it with a strong hook and chorus, rousing synths, some beautiful harp riffs and of course Florence’s rather stirring vocals. 

Released 9th July




R Kelly-Share My Love

Robert Sylvester Kelly is back after a fairly long hiatus when you consider that two years or so back R Kelly was literally everywhere. His recent operation on his throat kept him out for most of last year but he’s back with this cut Share My Love taken from his recently released album Write Me Back. It’s a track that instantly makes you think of Step In the Name Of Love (2003) being a soulful smooth bit of quintessential Kelly awash with pure class and those old skool classic sounds. It’s a slightly faster track than Step In The Name Of Love but this track will have old and young jamming together-it’s amazing how authentically old skool he makes the track sound. 

Look out Kelly looks hugely invigorated and do not for one minute think that the Kelly that dropped tracks like Feeling On Yo Booty (2000) and Thoia Thoing (2003) is getting a little more sexually sedate in his forty fifth year oh no Kelly will be dropping a follow-up album called Black Panties in 2013!

Out Now

Macy Grey-Sail

Another veteran of the music game who has been quiet for a bit of time returns with her sixth album, Covered which sees Macy as you might expect covering one can only assume tracks that she loves. 

The latest release from this album Sail is a cover of the original by a rock, electronic band called AWOLnation. Macy’s version is not as dark and moody as the original and whilst it is great to see her Macy back with her distinctive vocals it’s a shame that she did not come with some original material-this album feels more of an attempt to make sure that Macy stays relevant-expect a follow album of her own material soon.

Out Now

Plan B-Lost My Way

So Plan B continues his jaunt across all mediums of the entertainment world-he already has his first film Ill Manors out which unfortunately has taken a royal pasting but at least from a musical perspective he is still well on top of the game.

His latest single from the Ill Manors album, Lost My Way is unleashed and I do mean unleashed for it is a fiery, socio polemic bit of bars galore vocals about a youth lost in a wilderness of issues. It is a pertinent track considering what we are led to believe in the news and whilst one needs to be careful about jumping on the band wagon of a lost dis-enfranchised youth ready to self-implode it is still a track that once again proves the talent of Plan B who has shown a rough edge and his more classy edge all whilst maintain credibility. 

Plan B evidently has the ability to change at the drop of the hat a talent that should keep him in the public eye for a long time. Look out for the remix featuring the cerebral Raekwon from Wu Tang who manages to take the original track and make it grittier if you can imagine.

Released 2nd July