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lime Music feature: June 2012 Music Releases

Lime feature- Music

June 2012 Music Releases

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Semper - Azeez -Harris

Reporter: Semper - Azeez -Harris

Natty- Out of Fire Mix-tape

Natty- Out of Fire Mix-tape


Natty dropped his debut album Man Like I in 2009 and on that release alone it seemed that he may be an artist to keep a close eye on but before we could start to really absorb this reggae influenced singer, songwriter and producer, he disappeared. Music politricks (see the interview with him in this issue) plagued him but 2012 he returns with a mix-tape the teaser to a subsequent album as yet un-named. The teaser does exactly that and guides us through a musical journey that  seems to have no boundaries from reggae, bass music, dub, house it meanders like water down a window-completely free. There is a danger that there can be too much of a mix but the mix-tape seems to get it just right-cannot wait for the album.

Out now


Cold Play feat Rihanna- Princess of China


Cold drop another single from that album with the rather self-indulgent, we have made it so we can come up with a made up word for an album (which it is) and it will still sell name-Mylo Xyloto (2011) –despite the name, the album is good and indeed it has sold massive units. There is a good reason as exemplified with Princess of China-not necessarily the best track off the album but it works. 


Delicate sonic touches that delve into the oriental are over laid but the emotive vocals of Chris Martin and Rihanna who ditches her sex vixen vocals and drops a powerful although not over cooked vocal.

Out 4th June


Emeli Sande- My Kind of Love


The Scottish songstress who was only a year away from qualifying as a doctor returns with another single off that platinum selling album Our Version of Events (2011).  My Kind of Love does exactly what millions have grown to love about this lady whose vocal transmits anguish with suitable ease. Will it be another smash for Emeli? Of course.

Out 11th June



Kassidy-One Man Army


One Man Army is the title track from their second album released on the 30th April from the young Scottish band. It’s an inspirational track asking all of us to stand up tall and don’t stand “against the wall”. They evidently do that type of track well; Waking up Sideways off their last album Hope St (2011) was well received. Now signed to Vertigo part of the Mercury label the signs are good as they continue to bring their alternative rock to new and old fans.


Out 18th June



Taoi Cruz feat Pitbull There She Goes


This track is one definitely for the clubs and delves into that rather over used slightly boring dance vibe. It’s undoubtedly due heavy rotation on the airwaves because it features two massive names with Taoi and Pitbull who should really be called Border Collie since his early days as a hard core rapper are long gone, replaced by a rapper who looks like he goes for a regular manicure, pedicure followed by very, very, very cold water, drunk in one go because he is that hard-hopefully this track goes away!


Out 25th June