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lime Community & Support feature: Meet Jamika

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Meet Jamika

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Ealing Adoption and Fostering Team

Reporter: Ealing Adoption and Fostering Team
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Adoption Changes Lives

Not just for the child, but also for the adopter. It gives people the chance to start a new family or to extend their existing one. 


In Ealing there are currently around 40 children waiting for an adoptive family and they come from many different cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. As you have probably heard in the media, black and mixed race children often wait longer than their white peers to be adopted.


Jamika is one of the children that really needs a family of her own. Like all children that need adopting she has had a difficult start to her early life and has experienced a lot of loss. Sadly her mother died and she is notable to be placed with her older siblings as she really needs the chance to get out of the care system and find a family to claim her for their own.


Although Jamika has had a tough start she has been with the same foster carer since she came into care and has experienced a very caring and stable environment which has helped her development and given her the ability to attach to other people. 


Although Jamika won’t be living with her sisters hopefully we will find an adopter who will help them to all keep in contact. Her sisters are both lovely girls and will be staying with very committed foster carers who will support any contact, so hopefully the girls will be able to keep their family ties over the years. 


Getting children like Jamika adopted as soon as possible is very important so they can just get on with their lives with their new families. The more people that come forward the less time the children will have to wait.


Many people rule themselves out believing they can’t adopt because maybe they are too old or too young or aren’t married, but adopters like all parents are all sorts of people. The most important things are that you have the patience, energy and determination to transform a child’s life. Adopting a child is a wonderful thing to do. As Nelson Mandela said “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than in which it treats its children.”


As an adopter you may be a first time parent or you may like to add to your existing family. Perhaps your children have grown up and your house is feeling a bit empty. It’s not true you can’t adopt if you are over 40, in fact we’d welcome your parenting experience.  


Anyone thinking about adopting will naturally have lots of questions to ask and we hold information sessions every month to provide you with the answers and give you the opportunity to meet parents who have adopted. Although the idea of adopting can feel daunting, once you have gone through the process you will feel ready and prepared to make the commitment. 


If this is something you’ve been thinking about just give us a call and get the ball rolling you’ve got nothing to loose. Freephone 0800 731 6550 Jamika profile Jamika is a delightful, bubbly girl of Jamaican heritage and is just turning three. She is an alert child; full of giggles and loves to interact with people. She enjoys playing with musical and colourful toys and at the moment her favourite toy is Minnie Mouse. Jamika is a ‘girly girl’ and loves one to one attention. She is achieving well in all areas of her development. Jamika attends playgroup and a toddler drama group where she likes playing with other children. Jamika shares an affectionate bond with her 6-year-old sister Mia. Our focus is on getting Jamika adopted but in an ideal world we would love it if there was someone who could take both girls. If you are interested in both girls we can provide you with information about Mia, who again is a child who has settled well with her foster carer, who describes her as a “delight”. We haven’t got a set idea about what type of family Jamika should live in as long as they could meet her needs and make that commitment.Jamika came into care in August 2009 due to concerns around neglect. Her birth mother who has now sadly passed away was diagnosed with a mental illness. Full information on the family would be made available to anyone adopting Jamika.  Contact: Although Jamika doesn’t have anyone in her family who she can live with, it would be good if she could keep in contact with her maternal aunt and her two older siblings.  


For more information please call us on our Freephone number 0800 731 6550, contact Husena Dalal 0208 825 6117.