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lime Beauty & Lifestyle feature: Bridal Beauty on a Budget

Lime feature- Beauty & Lifestyle

Bridal Beauty on a Budget

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Industry insider and Brides and Beauty founder Joyce Connor's advice on how to achieve bridal beauty in times of austerity

Looking radiant is as much about make-up and skincare as your choice of clothing, but you don't have to spend a fortune to look your best. My most important tip is to look after your skin as it really is 'nature's blank canvas'. Skincare is something that can be done at home and once you get used to the routine of it you'll see the results in no time. Great skin equals a flawless base for your make up. 

Always remove every trace of make up at night and cleanse thoroughly before going to bed. During the day drink plenty of water to achieve a fresh and hydrated appearance. Your skin will look dewy, so you will need less foundation in the long term. Cleansing twice is very important. The first cleanse removes the make up and the second cleanse cleans and freshens the skin. Use slices of raw potato, cold tea bags or cucumber to refresh the eyes. Leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse off the residue with cool water. 

For problem skin make sure you use the right cleanser, toner and moisturiser for your skin type. Take 'over the counter advice' at an in store beauty counter to be sure of your exact skin type. If you can't afford the recommended products check out your local chemist to find something similar, but more affordable. Lots of skincare salons also do free consultations and will give you advice on how to care for your skin. Department store make up counters have free samples available to try before you buy. Get them to test the product on you too, but go outside in daylight to check the colours on your skin. 

Using a sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser will give a more natural look. Create your own tinted moisturiser by mixing your foundation with your usual moisturiser. A 50/50 blend is best. Apply in light downward strokes from the forehead to the chin. 

If you have oily skin avoid using heavy pore clogging foundations and switch to a mineral powder foundation instead. These can be bought at reasonable prices. Browse the Internet for bargain make up finds. Check the product isn't laden with talc because this will cause more problems. Talc will absorb oil but it will also clog up the skin. 

Check through the contents of your make-up bag to find products, such as eyeshadows or lipgloss, which you bought some time ago but never used. You liked them when you bought them, so now is the time to experiment. If the unused make up is more than two years old then its time to bin it and start again. 

Create new eye and lip colours by blending shades together. Check with friends if they have any new unwanted make up that they can send your way. Colouring your lips in with a lip pencil and then covering with a clear lipgloss can be effective. 

If you find products that you're unlikely to use, ask your friends to bring their own make up bags round and hold a 'swap shop' party. For hygiene reasons it is best only to do this with brand new and unused products that are less than 12 months old. To prolong the life of your make up keep it stored in a cool dry place. 

Use a lip brush or cotton bud to get the last bits out of the bottom of your favourite lipsticks. By using a lip brush to apply your lipstick you will make it last much longer on the lips. 

If you're not confident about doing your own make up you can book a make up artist if your budget allows or get a make up lesson beforehand so that you can do it yourself on the wedding day. Practise getting the look regularly so you don't forget how to do it. 

Now you're ready to glow down the aisle! 


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