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lime Beauty & Lifestyle feature: 10 Ways to Become a Thrifty Bride

Lime feature- Beauty & Lifestyle

10 Ways to Become a Thrifty Bride

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Being thrifty and saving money where you can has become very savvy in 2013. With the average wedding costing £20,000, this is the ideal occasion where you can save some money.

We have put together some key tips that will slash your wedding budget and still give you the wedding of your dreams.


Hidden Talents - Tap into the skills of friends and family. If you have an aunt who is a dab hand at flower arranging or a friend who is a musician, ask them for their help and they will generally be honoured to be part of your special day.


Uncle Who??  - Do not feel obligated to invite distant relatives or friends that you have not spoken to in a few years to your wedding and single friends do not have to bring a date!! The number of guests you have will have a tremendous impact on your budget; every meal, invitation and, favour adds to your cost. When writing your guest list, split people into ‘must invite’ and ‘would like to invite’ lists; this will help you manage the guest list.


eBay – It can’t be stressed enough how useful eBay can be for purchasing items for your big day. As well as second-hand dresses, you can also pick up everything from cake toppers to wedding favours. Remember - always look for trusted sellers with good feedback.


Photo Movie - Instead of hiring a photographer and a videographer for your big day, why not create a photo movie from the pictures taken by the photographer. You could have the movie made professionally or take it on as a nice post wedding project for yourself.


Cash back – By using a cash back credit card is an easy way to get money back for all the spending incurred from your wedding.  Many credit cards offer  purchase protection; this means that if something goes wrong or a vendor goes out of business that you paid via your card, you can claim your money back via the credit card company. Always remember to pay credit card balances off monthly in order to avoid interest charges.


Have an Evening Wedding – Having an evening wedding means that you can reduce the time you play host, therefore reducing the catering budget. Having a 5pm ceremony followed by dinner at 7pm will eliminate the need for an evening buffet. An evening wedding can also feel quite elegant especially if it’s black tie.


Do It Yourself - Why not have a girls night in with your bridesmaids making your wedding stationery. If you’re not too keen on doing it from scratch there are great craft shops online and on the high street that stock already cut card.


Not a Saturday – More and more couples are opting to get married on a weekday rather than the traditional Saturday. By getting married on any day apart from a Saturday is kinder on the purse strings. Most venues cost up to 30% more to hire on a Saturday and vendors such as photographers are likely to offer discounts on days when they are not in high demand.


Bridesmaid Dresses – Don’t spend over the odds on bridesmaids dresses (especially if you are personally forking out for them). Check out high street shops such as Lipsy, Zara and, Jane Norman for dresses for a fraction of the price of a bridesmaids dress from a bridal shop. Your bridesmaids are also likely to wear the dress again as it will not be in the typical ‘bridesmaids dress’.


Baby Breath - usually seen as the ‘flower filler’, baby breath is very much on trend for 2013 wedding décor. This extremely budget friendly flower can be used virtually anywhere in a wedding – from the bouquets to centrepieces to ceremony décor saving you a pretty penny.