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New Cross Gate SE14
london borough of Lewisham

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African Yoga Classes

DATES: Every Friday
TICKETS: £10, (£8)

Master Afrikan Yoga Teacher Pablo Imani is back in London from Uganda for the summer with his unique brand of ancient, rhythmic and transformational Yoga practice.

The Afrikan Yoga method founded by Pablo M Imani Khonsu Sekhem Ptah is a form of yoga known for it’s use of rhythmic movements, to the sounds of drums which aids in heating up the body in order to perform Sayunaats/Postures.


Adequate natural body heat and energy generation minimises the risks of injury or strain when doing static postures. There is an emphasis of elemental body awareness and breath. The development of flexibility, mobility strength, and endurance are emphasized through dance and postures. Afrikan Yoga is firmly based on the movements of the Neters/Neteru as found on the temple walls at The Temple of Luxor, The Temple of Horus at Edfu and on the scientific methods as mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus Edwin Smith Papyrus Rhind Papyrus the oldest books in the world known as The Pyramid Texts. The feeling after the class is beyond words. Has to be experienced

ASCC is a vibrant community facility offering an affordable and welcoming meeting place and a venue for various activities, events and functions. ASCC's aim is to improve the quality of life for local people by offering

excellent services and up-to-date educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities in and around New Cross Gate area of London.  

ASCC hosts  various classes and activities through a diverse range of community organisations based in the Centre. It is also a popular place for private functions and corporate events.


ASCC offers an excellent venue for:


Local Community Events and Activities

rainings, Workshops and Seminars

Rehearsals & Auditions

Dance classes, Fitness and Yoga

Weddings, Birthdays, Kids parties, etc.


  • barbershop
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venue info

All Saints Community Centre

New Cross Gate
Monson Road
SE14 5DJ

Box Office 020 7639 9071
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New Cross Gate

Venue: All Saints Community Centre, Lewisham