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Add event

To add your events to Lime Magazine and/or website, please complete the form below. After completion you will be sent a automated email with a link to add your image, therefore please also check your spam box. A member of Lime will contact you later with payment options.

*Please note: An event will displayed online for a maximum of 4 weeks and/or one issue of the Lime Magazine. Fields marked with a * are required.
For other advertising opportunites please do not hesitate in contacting us here.

Web Only @£19.95
Magazine Only @£19.95
Web & Magazine @£30.00
About You
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Tel no, include extension if applicable

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The Event
Event information that will published

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Include full, concs and offer prices

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Sell the event....and check for typos!

The Venue
So that visitors can buy tickets and see on the Lime map

So we can group events

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the full web address to buy tickets for the event

..if someone wants to call

Type what you see :)

  • amadeus
  • barbershop